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Overcome And Grow.
You Can And You Will.

Certified Life Coaching For A Better You.


Meet Coach Lyfe.

My mission is to provide guidance and support to those who are lacking the necessary Life Skills to overcome adversities and Family dysfunction. I believe that operating from a place of Integrity, and listening without judgment will create a space for clients to hear their own voice. 

  • Life Coaching

  • Goal Setting

  • Inspiration

  • Motivation

Who Does My Audience Consist Of?


Coach Lyfe has extensive experience in working with people with many different challenges. One of her specialized areas is with those who have high barriers and unresolved traumas, but she doesn't just help the individual. She helps them in a way that will positively affect the people and relationships around them …their significant other, their family, their friends and their co-workers. 

Many Have Benefited From The Guidance That Coach Lyfe Provides.


Coach Lyfe shares relatable experiences and teaches many positive and proven ways to think. 


On her show, people learn how to create a new path, self commitment, conquering fears, choosing healing over pain despite any challenges which all adds up to limitless potential.


My Story & Credentials Provide You With Hope And Proven Practices.


Coach Lyfe was born in Brooklyn, New York to a single mom and a first generation American. In her teenage years she was innocently struck by careless gun violence that plagued her community in the late 90s. After being shot, TaShonda had to regain critical skills and learn to live with epilepsy. After overcoming these traumatic experiences, she has found purpose in helping others do the same.


Coach Lyfe is a Certified Life Coach and Clinical Mentor. She utilizes mentoring, one on one sessions, and motivational speaking to power individuals to experience emotional healing. She is known for her passion and devotion to help others achieve greater fulfillment by encouraging positive thinking, increase accountability and a better sense of balance.

What They're Saying About Coach Lyfe Is All Good

"Having a natural conversation and watching her on her podcast was authentic and adds another layer to why I am a hero with scars. Watching it every week has inspired me to do more, not just for myself, but more for my community. Humanity at its best. Thank You Coach Lyfe for having me as a guest, it was such a pleasure."

Dr. Zah 

"Coach Lyfe Ta’Shonda is a strong woman who is fearless and uplifting, while her positive attitude is motivating and unstoppable. She has set the platform to help other individuals step into their own strength, willpower and to face life adversities head on. Coach Lyfe can provide anyone with a voice to say ...if I can do it, so can you."

Shameeka D

"It's really easy to relate to Coach Lyfe. She is real and it shows when listening to her podcast and communicating directly with her in person. This allowed me to trust her judgement and practice what she is teaching on a daily basis. The best part is that it really works."

John C

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This platform was created for those who seek information, inspiration and motivation. Expect to enjoy an intelligent and informative cultural conversation on every episode.

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